Photo by Dominik Vanyi


For any construction project, work begins with excavation. The site is inspected, and the excavation site’s boundaries are identified. A professional excavation contractor best handles these meticulous processes. But do you need to hire one instead of doing it yourself? Let’s find out.

Experience and Expertise

Moving earth or rock, using equipment or explosives pose a high degree of danger to the excavation team, including the equipment operator, and everyone else at the construction site.

There are four common excavating accidents you would want to avoid: falling, falling objects, trenching, and electrical. Out of the four, electrocution is the most common accident you might face. Depending on the scope of your project, know that the bigger it is and the smaller the number of people working on it, the higher the risk of facing accidents.

The excavation contractors‘ experience and expertise will give you the confidence that they’re doing the job right and safely. You don’t want the construction site to be a danger zone due to the excavators’ critical errors. You want to ensure that the site is delivered to you, devoid of any accidents.


For each work done by excavators, they use equipment that’s suitable for the job. If excavating farms, large fields, long and narrow pits, they use trenchers. On the other hand, they use cranes or backhoes when digging holes over wet or soft soil. A professional excavation company has an inventory of duly licensed equipment for use in the construction location or site.

Soil Test Before Excavation

Knowing the type of soil in the excavation site is essential. Is it muddy or rocky soil? Is it sandy? If you dig into the site without knowing the soil type and composition, accidents are likely to happen. A muddy or sandy pit wall will collapse as you dig, while rocky soil will be difficult to break and cumbersome to lift.
By doing a soil test, the excavation contractor will know soil composition and what equipment is compatible with that type of soil.

Reduce Risk of Property Damage

Inexperienced excavators may accidentally hit buried pipes, overhead electrical lines, or even nearby properties for different reasons. A professional excavator will coordinate with utility companies to ensure that the pipes are marked accordingly on the plan. The excavation site’s perimeter will be fenced to prevent damage to nearby houses or buildings.

A highly trained and skilled excavation equipment operator is critical to the safe use of the equipment and avoiding property damage.

Insurance Protection

Sometimes, despite best efforts, accidents still happen and may result in property damage. A professional excavation company has insurance to cover for repair for property damages that may have resulted from their mishandling or incorrect operation of equipment.

Professional Service

You are avoiding risk, high cost of repair in case of property damages, and damage to the environment when you choose a professional excavation contractor to prepare the construction site for your project. By choosing the experts, you’re assured of the quality of the structure’s foundation and ability to withstand the harsh weather conditions.