The team at Utah Excavation has an extensive earthmoving experience. We have a fleet of quality and well-maintained earthmoving equipment that we can mobilize right away for almost all types and sizes of projects. Our talented workers take pride in their excellent skills that simplify the earthmoving process.
Our company renders efficient and reliable trenching services in Utah, Davis and Salt Lake counties. Our experienced team members specialize in both small and large trenching projects. We are proud in our safe and secure trenching services like no other.
Leveling and grading are procedures that must be executed with the highest level of attention and care. With Utah Excavation, we will treat your projects as if they are our own. Our leveling and grading experts use specialized equipment for proper assessment of your land to eliminate any unnecessary guesswork.
Foundation digging is no doubt the biggest aspect of any construction. In any construction, it is important to work with experts in foundation digging to ensure that the land will be able to support the foundation you in mind. This is a must in any project and something you can just take for granted.
Utah Excavation works diligently to finish your project as efficiently as possible. To make it happen, we also provide high quality gravel, topsoil and stone to meet the unique needs and requirement of every project. Whatever application you have in mind, you can count on our offers to meet your expectations.
If there are trees, large boulders and lots of debris that must be removed first, you will need the expertise of Utah Excavation when it comes to land clearing. This is an indispensable service in the construction planning to fix drainage problems, reduce erosion and prevent topsoil loss.

Utah Excavation – Your Trusty Excavation Partners in Utah

Excavation is never something that you take to your own hands. If you need help with your excavation projects of any size and type, Utah Excavation is here to the rescue!

Headquartered in Utah, Utah Excavation is among the top companies in the state. As your full-service excavation firm, our company has been established for the main purpose of handling and dealing with all your excavation needs. With the use of a carefully developed process, the company’s excavation contracting team carries out every project with the use of strategic planning and topnotch care from beginning to end
Depending on the specific needs of your project, you can count on us to customize our project to suit the required structure of work. And no matter what kind of project you have, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our team will and can flawless execute each step of the process.

Excavation – What Is It in the First Place?

Excavation refers to the process where equipment, tools, or explosives to move rock, earth and other types of materials. This includes trenching, earthwork, underground, tunneling, and wall shafts.

Excavation has several essential applications such as environmental restoration, application, construction and mining. Out of these, construction is among excavation’s most common applications. Excavation is an important aspect of construction to help build roads, reservoirs and foundations.

Some of the main processes being used during excavation include site development, dredging, digging, and trenching. All of these processes require unique and specific machinery, tools, and techniques to ensure that the job is done right each and every time. The processes used are also dependent on the structure to be built out of the construction project.

The Excavation Process and How It Works

Before the process of excavation can start, it is important to carefully examine the site to ensure that the natural habitat as well as the artifacts nearby will be preserved during the excavation process. After this step, the plans for the depth and size of the site will also be made. The excavation team will then create drawings from them in order to clearly mark all the boundaries of the site of excavation. Once the two steps above are taken and done, this is the time when the excavation work will officially start.

The entire process of excavation may include the following:

  • Setting out the corner benchmarks
  • Surveying top and ground levels
  • Excavation to approved depth
  • Loose soil dressing
  • Making up to the cut off level
  • Construction of interconnecting trenches and de-watering wells
  • Making the building’s boundaries
  • Construction of the protection drains and bunds

Who We Are

Utah Excavation has been developing a solid and strong reputation in the area for years as a high quality, hard-working and honest excavation contractor. Our business provides excavation contracting services for clients in Utah, Davis and Salt Lake counties.

Our company functions and works on the concept of relationships. We are a firm believer of establishing strong working partnerships to form trust that is essential to get things done right.

We have a team of highly qualified personnel who don’t just understand excavation operations as they are also familiar with the design process. This is what allows us to offer quality-controlled and cost-effective construction site management for both small and large projects.

Utah Excavation has the experience and depth of staff to help you reach and achieve all your goals. All projects receive the personal and dedicated attention they deserve, starting from the planning stage up to the total completion of the project.

As certified experts in the field, we make it our top priority to educate our customers and for this reason, we are committed to always maintaining the highest communication level during the entire process.

What We Do

The experience of Utah Excavation ranges from working on sites in big rural communities to sites in urban cities. It doesn’t matter if the project consists of an expansive tract of land or a deep shored foundation on confined site, you can trust us to have the experience and knowledge to bring your project while making sure that it suits your budget and follows your schedule.

Through taking on projects this way, we are able to maintain control, versatility and competitiveness while following the newest building trends. Our continuously expanding network allows us to have more efficient operations all over the state.

Utah Excavation has the management expertise and proven and tested ability to help you evaluate your project’s concept. Through keeping up with the highest quality alternative materials and most innovative building techniques, we can provide cost-efficiency with no need to compromise your project in any way.

Superior communication is among the backbones of our company. We will ensure that you are always informed about the progress of the project throughout every phase of the construction and we will always be open to any input or idea you might have. What we do on the job site and in the office is to coordinate, supervise and construct the project. But more than anything else, we believe that our first and foremost job is to give you the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

Our Success is the Success of Your Project

The success of Utah Excavation is mainly attributed to our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, safety record, our esteemed clientele and the use of well-maintained tools and equipment. We have been serving clients in various industries and their satisfaction is what inspires us to do better each and every time.

Why Choose and Hire the Professionals from Utah Excavation?

Hiring a company that specializes in excavation is never a decision you should take lightly. There are plenty of things at stake here. Your property, your safety and your finances will all be affected once you hire the wrong company to get the job done.

Here are top reasons why it is important to choose the professionals from Utah Excavation:


  • Working with amateurs is actually more expensive.

A lot of people believe they can never afford to hire an expert excavation company. This is what makes them cut corners thinking that even if the things are not perfect, it will at least be easier on their pockets. You might even think that this is something you can do on your own or that your friend who happens to be a DIY fan can do it for you to help you save money. You might even decide to just work with a company that specializes in other fields and not solely on excavation.

In any case, you will only spend more if you hire an amateur. It is simply because if something goes wrong with the project, you need to pay someone else to help fix it. The result is that you will pay more for the same project done twice. 


  • Professionalism and expertise is a must.

Professional is a term that pertains to experience, training and level of quality. All of these are traits you need to expect from any excavation company. It is important to work with a company that has long been in the business. It is a solid indicator if the company is worth your money and time in the first place. 

Those that are unprofessional and inferior will never last that long. The professionals at Utah Excavation have a strong work ethic and a culture of safety that you can always rely on to get things done. 


  • Plenty of things could go wrong if you aren’t too careful.

Things such as collapse of trenches, failure to assess equipment dangers and other risks are only some of the perils of an excavation project. For instance, there could be a limited or tight space to work with and if this happens, you need to have a comprehensive plan to compensate for them to ensure that the project will be executed as safely as possible. 

It is also important for you to know the best type of machinery suitable for every project. The equipment required for removing large trees or boulders will be so much different from the ones needed to remove a swimming pool. 

The use of inadequate or wrong equipment combined with working with inexperienced operators makes the perfect recipe for an expensive and irreparable disaster. An expert excavation company like Utah Excavation evaluates the condition of the ground, the possible effects on the nearby structures and the handling of the site cleanup. When things are managed improperly, the job can quickly turn into a complete mess. 


  • The most unexpected things can happen. 

Although most excavation jobs can go off with no issues, unforeseen issues are always possible. For example, you might be faced with some dangerous materials underground once the job has started. 

Wildlife or animals might also be a serious factor. The uncharted cables, tree roots or pipes could also damage equipment. The specifications of the project must be altered. 

There are also places where the weather changes drastically and suddenly that can make it a must to be able to adjust immediately. An inexperienced contractor will never know how to work around or handle these situations. 

The professionals at Utah Excavation are familiar with all the necessary forms and proper work you have to file. We also have the appropriate insurance and safety procedures to ensure that the site of the job is secured and that you are protected through and through. 


  • Cleanup is often equally essential as the excavation job itself. 

There are lots of underground junk and dirt that are dug up during excavation projects. It can include non-recyclable plastics, large tree stumps and concrete slabs. What are you going to do with all of these? Of course, you can’t just let them stay on the property. 

It is also important to manage waste throughout the project to ensure that surrounding properties won’t be affected or blocked because of your project. There are usually regulations and rules on correct handling of such materials as well as the things that you can and cannot legally do with them. 

Non-experts might not be familiar with these procedures and guidelines but with Utah Excavation, you can count on us to know all of these and more.


  • Excavation involves more than digging alone. 

Factors like sedimentation and erosion control are serious concerns on all types of excavation and construction projects. When handled incorrectly, these problems can end up damaging the property and affecting your water quality as well as those nearby. 

Putting a limit on the areas of exposed soil, implementing vegetative measures and diverting water using trench drains are just among the best ways for erosion management. It is not done just for practical reasons alone. There are existing laws on erosion control and a project can be shut down if you don’t take extra care to eliminate siltation and erosion. 


  • All types of soil are not made equal. 

A mere look at the topsoil won’t let you know right away what lies underneath. You might be surprised once you finished digging several feet. Different types of soil will also have different reactions to various excavation processes. It is also important to determine the location of softer ground and possible dangers you have to watch out for. Professional methods for soil testing are necessary to prevent soil failure and ensure safety. 

Contact us at Utah Excavation today and let us walk you through the excavation process and how we can be of help!


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