Equipment We Use

The specific types of excavation equipment that our team uses for excavation projects are dependent on the site of construction and the scope of the job. The excavation equipment we use can be used for certain situations or can also be a certain type that meets the needs and requirements of a particular project.

The following are the different types of equipment we use for our excavation services:

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Wheels or tracks can drive an excavator, a type of large construction equipment, although the most standard ones used are tracks. Conventional excavators have long bucket arm attached to the pivoting cab that rotates for a full 360 degrees. An excavator is highly versatile and this can also be fitted with different special attachments for various specialty jobs.

Backhoe Loader Utah Excavation

Also known simply as backhoes, backhoe loaders have a body that resembles a farm tractor and comes with a tiny bucket at the bag used for digging and adjustable shovel at the front. A backhoe loader is medium-sized construction equipment meant for smaller jobs that can perform different operations even in limited space.

Bulldozer Utah Excavation

A bulldozer is regarded as among the strongest and most reliable type of heavy equipment being used in the field of construction. Bulldozers are extremely heavy and powerful machine used for moving dirt along open and large tracts of land. The front of bulldozer has wide flat blade operated with the use of two hydraulic pistons for moving the blade in limited range of depths and angles.

skid steer loader utah excavation

The skid-steer loader is one of the most versatile construction machines. These are nimble and small with the ability to turn in their own footprint similar to a tank that makes them perfect for working in confined areas or spaces wherein the construction activities were already finalized.

compact track loader utah excavation

A compact track loader is basically a skid steer loader that features high flotation rubber tracks that let this earthmoving machine work on sensitive surfaces and poor underfoot conditions. Mini track loaders have auxiliary hydraulics to power attachments and their flat-footed nature makes them ideal for grading.

Multi-Terrain Loaders Utah Excavation

A multi terrain loader is just the same with skid steer loaders and the only difference is that this moves along the ground not with wheels but with tracks instead. This track makes it less impactful on softer terrain that is important in construction, farming and landscaping layouts.

Trenchers Utah Excavation

Trenchers live up to their name as these are meant for digging trenches, often narrow trenches for cabling and piping. There are different sizes and types of trenchers, ranging from the small walk-behind versions up to the really large trenching machines with the ability to cut even into asphalt pavement as well as other types of hard surfaces.

dump truck utah excavation

A dump truck is necessary on almost all large job sites. They provide limited function yet dump trucks can perform the extremely important job of dumping and moving most types of heavy materials. These are road-ready as well that allows them to bring materials out of or into a site and could also travel to areas where large equipment is allowed.