Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Utah Excavation always goes above and beyond to ensure that you will be satisfied with every step of the process. Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our services:

In large scale construction projects, it is best to leave the job to the hands of professionals. Utah Excavation will plan your project in a precise manner and finish the job without compromising safety. We will also excavate on construction sites without damaging the surrounding areas.

Underlying utility lines are among the primary risks of excavation. If property owners fail to schedule the inspection and get the necessary permits, they might hit a water, cable, electrical or gas line. Such accidents can result to temporary damages to utilities or even dangerous accidents. It is the reason why it is always a must to let the experts like Utah Excavation check for the presence of utility lines.

Our team clearly marks the perimeter of every dig we complete to make it visible day or night. Also, we strictly follow safety regulations and local building codes and undergo continuous education and training to ensure that we are in compliance at all times.

Utah Excavation typically anticipates issues way before we uncover them. However, this might not always be true as far as your foundation is concerned. If we learn that the structure of your foundation is compromised in one way or another, we will contact you, the property owner, to talk about the best solution right away.

It can be very hard to predict the weather but it doesn’t mean that it will put the project behind the agreed-upon schedule. We have an outstanding team for site management that makes the call to stop and resume work once the conditions improve and make it safe to do so. Cave-ins and accidental slipping of the weighted trucks can happen if heavy machinery is operated in the rain. To keep your property and your investment protected at all times, we will stop working only if needed and start immediately once conditions improve.

It is important to prevent rainwater from getting into the excavation site to avoid cave-ins and flooding. So even if weather strikes all a sudden, you can trust our team to be ready with the necessary materials for covering all external sites of excavation.

Our top priority is to protect your excavation site from any cave-in. We plan for prevention of cave-ins during the engineering phase. This is the time when we consider factors such as type of soil, obstacles, location and unforeseen weather conditions. If there is a chance for cave-ins to happen, we will go out of limbs to use materials that will keep the site secured.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!