Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loader Utah Excavation


Backhoe loaders are heavy construction equipment consist of tractor like unit that is fitted with a backhoe at the back and a loader-style bucket or shovel on the front.

A backhoe loader tackles all types and sizes of landscaping jobs, from digging and moving trees to new locations with their root ball kept intact. These can also be used to move gravel, rocks, and boulders or move dirt and push topsoil into place.

The backhoe is also perfect to dig fence post holes and minor excavation jobs like digging water features and small ponds. These could also be used for digging trenches for the irrigation lines for the landscape to stay healthy and watered all year round.

Advantages of Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loader is one of the typically used equipment when it comes to construction and earthmoving since this is an extremely versatile machine that could be used for various purposes and could travel on roads with ease. The most common benefits of backhoe loaders that we use in Utah Excavation include the following:

  • Availability indifferent sizes
  • Multitasking
  • Easy adjustment of attachment
  • Can cover various types of terrain
  • Made to move with ease over rough terrain
  • Design is safer
  • Helps reduce labor cost
  • Fitted for laying pipes, digging ditches, laying foundation for drainage systems and building s and planting underground cables
  • Operator-friendly

Applications of Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are quite common and could be used for various tasks such as construction, light transportation of materials for building, small demolitions, excavation or digging holes, powering building equipment, breaking asphalt, paving roads, and landscaping.

The backhoe bucket can sometimes be replaced with the powered attachments a stump grinder, auger, grapple or breaker. Intermediate attachments like the tiltrotator can be used to achieve improved articulation of the attachments.
Most backhoes feature auxiliary hydraulic circuits and quick-attach or quick coupler mounting systems to simplify the mounting of attachments and increase the use of the machine on the job site.

There are also loader buckets with a clamshell or retractable bottom that let them empty the load faster and more efficient. These retractable-bottom loader buckets are sometimes used for scraping and grading. The front assembly could be permanently mounted or removable attachment.

Since digging while on tires can make the machine rock and the backhoe’s swinging height can lead to tipping of the vehicle, many backhoe loaders are using hydraulic stabilizers or outriggers at the back when digging with the loader bucket lowered for extra stability.

It means that the bucket should be raised with outriggers retracted if the vehicle must change position that can reduce efficiency. This is why most manufacturers offer miniature tracked excavators that sacrifice the function of the loader and ability of being driven from one site to another for improved efficiency when digging.

The precise control and relatively small frame make the backhoe loader quite common and useful in urban engineering projects like repairs and construction in places too small for bigger equipment. Their compact size and versatility makes them among the most popular vehicles for urban construction.