Bulldozer Utah Excavation


A bulldozer is a strong machine that primarily helps with excavating, digging, leveling and pushing materials such as debris and soil at work sites. Bulldozers come with heavy and large blades at the front that are responsible for pushing materials. There are also bulldozers with other forms of modifications such as rippers at the back for breaking down tough ground.

Primary Types of Bulldozers

Bulldozers come in different types for you to choose from based on the specific project. The type of your project, the terrain that will be worked on and other criteria are the main factors that Utah Excavation considers when choosing the bulldozer to use. The right machine also plays an important role for the safety and efficiency of any project. The main types of bulldozers include crawler bulldozers, mini bulldozers and wheel bulldozers.

Every type of bulldozer can fulfill leveling, pushing and hauling needs. At Utah Excavation we use the most suitable bulldozer according to your project.

Parts of a Bulldozer and Their Functions

Bulldozers can be used in various kinds of terrain made possible by their design. The primary features that set dozers apart are the rippers, blades and whether or not they are using tracks or tires.


Bulldozer blades

Bladders are the heavy metal plates found at the front of a bulldozer used for pushing and digging through materials. Different blade types are suitable for unique projects.



The cab of a bulldozer is a crucial part of the machine because this is where the machine is controlled by the operator. Some cabs have different features that increase the level of safety and comfort alike. You have to check if the cab can reduce sound and absorb impact when moving around the job site. These are important because operators may spend hours at a time in the cab.



In general, bulldozers need high powered engines as they move tons of heavy materials around a work site. Different engine types can be used for fulfilling various needs.


Final drive

The final drive of the bulldozer is likely the most replaced and most used part of bulldozers. Modern final drives can distribute load over several gear teeth and lift away the drive motor from suspension.


Push frame

Push frames are important when positioning the materials for various tasks. This part is the one that moves the blade.



Rippers are extended attachments found at the back of a bulldozer that look like claws. The ripper is used for breaking up land to help agriculture grow or break down earth and rock that will be moved. There are multi-shank and single-shank rippers available based on the specific needs of your project.


Tires or tracks

Tires and tracks have a profound effect on the mobility of a bulldozer. Tracks work well for navigating uneven and hard terrain while tires are more suitable for softer ground. Tires are also good considerations when working in sensitive areas that shouldn’t be damaged.