Dump Trucks

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What is a Dump Truck?

A dump truck is a type of heavy machinery being used for transporting large quantities of loose materials like sand, dirt, demolition waste, gravel and ores across major construction, civil or mining sites.

If your upcoming project needs transporting loose materials, there is a high chance that you will need the help of a dump truck. Articulated dump trucks and rigid rear dump trucks are the two most common types of dump trucks that experts at Utah Excavation use today.


How Do Dump Trucks Work?

A dump truck is usually filled with sand, minerals or dirt by a different machine wherein it will then transport and dump the load at a particular location. For this, the main feature of dump trucks is the hydraulic-powered dump box that lets the operators tip and lift loads. Simply put, the hydraulic hoist systems are being used for lifting the dump box once it must be emptied.

What Kind of Dump Truck Do You Need for Your Project?

Dump trucks are available in a wide assortment of configurations and types and each designed can be used across a plethora of various applications. For this reason, it is important that you choose one that best suits your operation or project.

The most common applications include the use of articulated dump tricks for mining and civil operations, front tippers and site dumpers for use in low capacity or compact operations, rigid rear dump trucks to be used in mining together with hydraulic excavators, hi rail dump trucks for applications in railway projects, underground dump trucks for use in soft-rock and hard-rock underground tunnel construction and mining projects and track mounted dump trucks for those operations that need work on muddy or sandy terrain, snow, dirt, and bog.


Benefits of Dump Trucks

Design options

A dump truck is available in various designs to become suitable for the specific needs of different projects. For instance, although there are small dump trucks that resemble flatbed trucks, the larger dump trucks are equipped with several dumping options, more axels and joint additions to offer increased movement range and better control. It doesn’t matter what truck size you need because you can find one that fits your project.

Ideal truck bed

Among the most unique characteristics of dump trucks is the expansive dump bed. Ideal for carrying the construction debris and other loose objects, the bed lets the drivers safely haul every type of material. You don’t have to worry about the load spilling into roads and the hydraulic lift mechanism of the bed makes it easier to dump materials wherever they should go.


Although there are vehicles that don’t have efficient operation with heavy load, a dump truck is especially made to function even under tough conditions to provide total control to drivers. Modern dump trucks have power take-off system offer significant strength to the lift mechanism of the truck to ensure that the truck can handle any weight, no matter how heavy your load might be.