Skid-Steer Loaders

skid steer loader utah excavation


Skid-steer loaders are small and versatile pieces of construction equipment mainly used for digging. A skid-steer loader is maneuverable and light with arms that can attach to various tools for a range of landscaping and construction jobs.

Skid-steer loaders can have two tracks or four wheels. The back and front axles of each side have synchronized lock with one another but can also be used separately from the wheels found on the other side of the skid-steer.

The wheels don’t turn and can hold fixed straight alignment. The operator of a skid-steer can turn the machine through increasing the speed of wheels on one side to make the wheels drag or skid across the ground while the machine is rotating in another direction. The steering function made the machine earn its name.


Sizes of Skid-Steer Loaders  

Skid-steer loaders come in different sizes and each of them works better for every type of job. 

  1. Small Frame – This is a lighter model that can be maneuvered in tight spaces that make it an ideal option for site development, landscaping and interior work. 
  2. Medium Frame – Medium-sized skid-steers are commonly used with different attachments to work as a digger or backbone in places where these machines won’t fit in. 
  3. Large Frame – Large skid-steer loaders are used for extensive excavation and demolition work. 

Uses of Skid-Steer Loaders

The variety of options for attachment is the hallmark characteristic of skid-steer loaders that allows performing different jobs with the use of a single piece of equipment. The bucket is the standard attachment for skid-steer but it can also be replaced with other alternatives for the machine to perform the functions of other equipment types. A skid-steer is traditionally equipped with bucket and used to lift and move heavy materials.

Here are the most common uses and applications of the skid-steer loaders at Utah Excavation:


Clearing snow

The skid-steer’s bucket can be used to clear snow or during more serious conditions during winter months, the operator can also use a snow blade attachment or snow blower.


Digging and trenching

Probably the most popular thing about the skid-steer is that it has various options for digging attachments such as the auger, trench-digger and backhoe. The auger works like a corkscrew for burrowing a precise hole.



Skid-steer loaders are also handy for excavation work due to its attachments such as a wheel saw, trencher, tiller, or ripper.



This machine could also be outfitted with a pavement miller or cement mixer for construction and building works.



The trench-digging attachments, stump grinder, wood chipper and tree spade make the machine an ideal option for landscaping projects while bale spears and pallet forms make this useful for warehouse and farm jobs.

In almost all worksite scenarios, you can find an attachment that can make skid-steer loaders a useful option for all tasks. Our skid-steer operators at Utah Excavation are updated with the latest maintenance and safety guidelines for the skid-steer itself as well as the attachments used for the project.