Leveling & Grading

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If you want to level the ground to prepare for an upcoming construction project or rectify or grade the slope of a landscape, you need to work with Utah Excavation for your leveling and grading needs. Doing this is important as this can have a significant effect on the durability and feasibility of any construction project.

Utah Excavation offers leveling and grading services that are a great choice for owners of both commercial and private buildings in Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties who need professional, effective, clean and fast leveling and grading.


Leveling and Grading Landscapes in Utah

When land is properly leveled and graded, it can help prevent erosion, make it appear more even and enhance the overall safety aspects of the property as it eliminates unwanted bumps and dips on the ground.

Even though it can be very interesting and fascinating to look at natural earth formations, most of the time, these are not really appropriate for landscaping, building or simply walking on. Those properties located in notably sloppy and hilly areas in general need basic to comprehensive leveling and grading services to make the sections of a front, back or side yard more productive and stable than before.

Here are some of the top advantages of our leveling and grading services here at Utah Excavation.


Enjoy better cultivation results.

When a property is graded and made more even, it simplifies the management of water runoff and drainage. It also gives lawns the much needed aeration and makes it easier to control grass growth. If you have plans to cultivate a stunning lawn, you can expect for the best results if the land is leveled on a frequent basis.


Eliminate stumps, rocks and other hindrances as the job continues.

Utah Excavation also offers land clearing services while grading your property. Being a professional leveling and grading company, we know all too well that uneven land is more difficult to deal with. It is not easy to move bulky objects and these might also serve as an obstruction the moment your project begins. Our team can clear these obstacles that helps has get a cleaner and more even finish once we start to grade.


Check for drainage and erosion.

Soil not rooted properly and water on an unlevel ground can go downhill due to gravity. For properties of all types, it can lead to problems if incorrect grading procedures are used and no solution is made. Managing water runoff can benefit plans and prevent dangerous chemicals dissolved in rainwater from seeping into the soil. Prevention of soil erosion also means that you will have a firmer and safer property.


Get Professional Leveling and Grading Services at Utah Excavation

Our skilled and expert leveling and grading team members follow the highest levels of standards to ensure that your unique needs and requirements are met and even exceeded. We will devote our time and effort for your project and assure you that the job will proceed as smoothly as possible to your ultimate satisfaction.