Ponds & Drainage

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Many of our clients are unaware of the difference of pond construction from other forms of local excavation service. if you want to achieve the final results that you have always dreamed of, specialized methods are necessary.

Here at Utah Excavation, we have a team of experts who have the experience, knowledge and skills that will help you create the pond you have envisioned. Together with the pond, we will also develop the suitable drainage system to help you make the most out of your investment.

With long years of being in the industry, our team members are familiar with every process and method required for pond construction. Allow us to give you an idea of what will transpire prior to construction to give you the assurance that what we will be doing is exactly what you have in mind.


Construct Your New Pond with the Help of the Experts

Utah Excavation sets ourselves apart from other contractors as we don’t only go to your site and dig mindlessly. We take our time in crafting a plan that suits your property and location and ensure that it will meet your preferences.

As your one-stop solution for your excavation needs, you can leave everything to Utah Excavation. We can help you bring your dream pond to life, whether it is a fishing pond, koi pond, feature pond, swimming pond, stormwater management pond and landscape or fountain centerpiece.

With our help, you can be sure that the new water body in your property will not only be pleasing to the eyes but will also have a functional purpose in the environment.

Drainage Systems

The drainage system is the very heart of your pond or other drainage projects requiring water flow out. Drainage systems come in different types, such as the concrete box culverts, corrugated metal pipes and the most stylish siphon systems.

However, their basic function still remain the same and that is to make sure that your pond’s water level doesn’t become too low or too high.
While majority of owners are excited to see their pond or drainage problems come to fruition, most of them actually forget about the need for a quality drainage system.

Worry no more because Utah Excavation will also be there to create the appropriate drainage system that will make your pond truly shine out and become the main focus of attention.


Work with the Experts When It’s Time to Start Planning Your Pond

A pond is not a project that you can just take lightly. It is important to be wary of those companies that will come to you with their heavy duty equipment in tow and claim that they will create a pond for a cheap price at the fastest time possible.

Most of these people are not familiar with soil types, elevation, dam construction, channels, habitat needs and many other factors that should be considered during pond construction. You can just sit back and relax because you know that our training, education and experience will all come together to give you the pond that you deserve!