Gravel, Topsoil & Stone

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Are you searching for the highest quality gravel, topsoil and stone for your upcoming commercial or residential construction project?


Gravel for Your Unique Needs

Utah Excavation offers an extensive variety of stone, topsoil and gravel to help you find the right ones that suits your needs. Gravel in particular is a great way for you to develop an aesthetically appealing yard with minimal need for any maintenance.

Our gravel is resistant to drought, budget-friendly and doesn’t need fertilizers to stay health or retain its appearance. If you are from Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties and you are planning to add some gravel to your residential property’s perimeter or you have plans to give the landscaping of your commercial business the much needed facelift, Utah Excavation can have the gravel delivered to your job site right away.


Quality Topsoil to Meet Your Standards

As you already know, topsoil is the top 3 to 5 inches of soil. This is where most of the organic activities take place and where majority of roots growth. If you have poor soil, you can often improve it through mixing soil conditioner or through adding the top dressing or the layer of additional rich soil combined with compost that release organic matter and nutrients to the ground little by little to keep the plants healthy and encourage vigorous growth.

Although wood chips are ideal as much, these are not the most ideal topdressing. There are people who make the common mistake of hiring a dump truck with fill dirt then using this to patch holes and dips in growing areas or gardens. While every cubic yard of fill dirt is cheaper than quality topsoil, this is not great for farming or gardening purposes because the soil won’t have the right drainage capacity, nutrients, and properties.

Choose the Right Type of Stone for Your Next Project

Utah Excavation has exciting news for everyone in Utah. Aside from the construction grade gravel and topsoil, we also provide an extensive array of landscaping stone for projects of all types and sizes.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to change the landscape of your business for a fresher and newer look or you wish to beautify your backyard with a small pond, you can count on us to have the right kind of stone you are searching for. We carry an extensive selection of stones that you can add to and use for your landscaping projects to compliment all gardens or spaces.


How Much Gravel, Topsoil and Stone Do You Really Need?

This is a very common question and we cannot really blame you if you are asking this. Calculating the amount of materials you need requires a good understanding of placing a bulk order for the material and properly estimating and measuring the workspace. We are here to help you assess your requirements so that you can get the right amount with no need to end up with a lot of wasted and unused materials once the project is all done and completed.