Foundation Digging

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Foundation digging and excavation is among the more common services that our team is called upon for. No matter what type of property you have, you can look forward to only the highest level of expertise and accuracy from Utah Excavation.

Through the years, we have been offering the service across Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties. We are also fully aware of everything it takes to make our digs as fast and precise as possible.


Why Let the Professionals Deal with Foundation Digging?

The very first step in building any type of addition or structure is to dig the foundations. The footing or foundation is probably the most essential aspect of construction as a whole. Without a stable and strong foundation, a new addition, house, or commercial building will soon suffer from water leaks, cracks and other similar damages.

Foundation digging isn’t as simple and easy and just setting all the footings and pouring concrete. Every kind of building, crawlspace and basement needs different and unique types of foundations. There are also some foundations that must be thicker than normal to prevent buildup of moisture and retain the weight of an extremely heavy structure.

All types and sizes of excavation work is not only exact than what you realize as it can also be downright unsafe. Prior to deciding that you will be able to manage foundation digging or excavation for footings all by yourself or manage any trenching or excavation work on your own, working with excavation professionals to handle a job is a decision that you will never regret.

Foundation Digging for Every Budget

There are usually some people who can’t help but wonder how much it will cost them to dig the foundation. To answer this question effective, first, our team has to understand the specific needs of your excavation job. Among the questions that we are going to ask you include the following:

  • What are the materials to be used for filling the foundation?
  • How many square feet of foundation do you need?
  • Is there a high level of clay or rock content in the soil?

Just like with any type of service, quality matters and when you choose Utah Excavation, you can have the assurance that we will keep the overall cost of foundation digging low to eliminate any access barrier. We are aware of how important it is to dig and grade your foundation correctly and we will make sure that even if you are worried regarding the cost of foundation digging, we will offer you with a budget-friendly price.

When you choose to hire Utah Excavation for your foundation digging and other excavation needs, you will be able to rely and count on our expert professionals to see the whole job through from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter what the extent of the service you need is because you can always depend on our team and we won’t stop until you are fully satisfied and contented with the results we give you.