Land Clearing

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Did you recently buy a piece of land and you are looking for quality land clearing services? Maybe you got this large space on your existing commercial or residential location that is already overgrown and you now wish to use it for a new garage, an additional shed or any other type of structure. Utah Excavation is the company you can count on to finish this job as fast as possible.

Land clearing is a process that involves several steps and most people don’t have the necessary human resources, tools and equipment to handle this project on their own. As your trusted excavation company in Utah, Davis and Salt Lake counties, we can perform this job properly and efficiently to let you continue with your new projects.


Enjoy the Advantages of Land Clearing Services from Utah Excavation

Before you proceed with land clearing, it is important that you know the exact thing you should expect as far as the cost is concerned. The price for this particularly job will vary based on the landscape’s natural setup and how hard it will be to remove the shrubs, trees as well as other materials. There are several other considerations that you have to take into account if you want to figure out how much it will cost you to get land clearing services. These factors include the following:

  • The number of trees that will be removed
  • How heavily wooded the place is
  • Hourly labor
  • Required brush clearing
  • Equipment fees
  • Here at Utah Excavation, we take pride in offering reasonable rates that will suit your financial situation and your specific needs.

Is Land Clearing Really Necessary for You?

Excavation that comes in the form of land clearing is not always a necessity. However, if you ever have plans to construct or build in a location with trees, brush or foliage, you need to get rid of everything and begin with a fresh surface.

If the place doesn’t require intensive excavation, brush clearing is the simpler version of the service. Our highly quailed and trained excavation experts are going to handle all aspects involved such as:

  • Surveying the land
  • Looking for and marking off utility lines
  • Evaluating if there is a need for erosion control
  • Drainage solutions
  • Backfilling materials

Once your soil is prepared, you want to ensure that it is fully ready to handle any plan you have in mind. Our team will answer your questions honestly and will inform you if there is a need for extra excavation services.

Land Clearing Done Using the Right Machinery

The main reason why people should hire the experts for land clearing is because they are not familiar with the right heavy equipment needed for the job and how to use them. Instead of renting or buying such expensive machinery that you might never use ever again, you can count on the well-maintained equipment and modern technologies of Utah Excavation to do the job.

Don’t try to handle clearing your land by yourself. Let Utah Excavation streamline and simplify the whole process for you!