Septic Systems

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Septic systems are the best option for people who want to be in full control of their waste management and do it in an eco-friendly way while saving some money at the same time.

At Utah Excavation, we firmly believe that it doesn’t matter if you need to install a new septic system, maintain, repair or replace an existing one as this project should never cost you lots of money or time.

Through the years, we have been offering our local valued clients with reasonably priced excavation services and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.

If you need the assistance of local excavation experts who can get things done right and fast without compromising the quality, Utah Excavation is the name you can trust.


What are Septic Systems?

A septic system is usually used for homes located in rural places. Septic systems are water way systems that treat the sewage right on site and release back the treated liquid to the ground. These septic systems get rid of the need for municipal sewer systems in rural areas. These are often made out of plastic, PVC, fiberglass or concrete. The septic system of a residential home must be inspected every 3 years or so.


How a Septic System Works

Typical septic systems consist of a leaching bed and septic tank concealed underground. Waste water exits the home or building through the pipe connected to the tank. This tank helps separate liquids and solids from the remaining liquids known as affluent. It will then move out of the septic tank to the leaching bed where the liquid seeps into the ground to let the bacteria and other types of organisms process this waste then filter this to the ground.

Utah Excavation and Our Septic System Service

Utah Excavation takes great pride in our ability to provide comprehensive excavation from beginning to end whatever the project might be. This means that we will help and guide you in the design and assessment, installation as well as cleanup during every project.

Preparing the site is an important step as far as septic system installation is concerned. We will inspect your property to identify the best location for your tank. This spot ideally has lots of space for the drain field and will be lower than the property to ensure proper drainage.

Installation will begin through digging the hole where the tank can fit into. The team will also work to set up piping systems to ensure proper drainage of waste. After this, extra drainage ditches are going to be dug. We will take extra care during this particular process to avoid disturbing any aspect of your property.

With the use of our state of the art machinery combined with our years of experience, you can count on our team to have the ability to tackle both small and large projects.

Once you’re ready to deal with your needs for septic systems, whether it is new installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, all you have to do is to contact us at Utah Excavation and we will be right there to help you out!