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Before you begin any kind of project, whether it is for your home or business, excavation work is necessary. From installation of irrigation or sprinkler systems, in-ground pools, oversized landscaping features and plumbing pipes to putting fresh fill dirt to replace contaminated soil, excavation services are essential in more ways than one.

As a property owner in Salt Lake City, it is a must to always work with a professional excavator like Utah Excavation whatever the size or scope of the digging work. You have to remember that excavating is actually more difficult and dangerous than what most people realize. Even the smallest mistake can easily lead to serious damages to your property. Hiring expert excavators will give you the assurance that digging will be completed fast according to your unique and specific needs for trenches or pit.

Before trying to take excavation work to your own hands, let us lay down the reason why it is a wiser decision to just leave this job to the hands of the professionals at Utah Excavation.

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Excavation is Dangerous and Sometimes, It’s Even Deadly

Trying to dig a pit poses danger and can even be fatal if you aren’t too careful. Excavation and digging comes with a long list of precarious hazards than what you might assume and these include the following:

  • A pit’s edges can collapse due to the weight of the digging machinery. Even thought the equipment might not fall into the hole and you use a bobcat with cage around its cab, a sudden movement might make you accidentally slam into the enclosure or control console that can cause an injury. You might end up straining your neck and back or suffering from whiplash because of this jarring accident.
  • Leak of flammable and dangerous gas might happen if you hit a buried gas line.
  • Shocks and electrocution might take place if you hit a buried power line or overhead.

Of course, there is also that obvious risk that someone will get hit because of being near the machinery while it backs up or turns. A person might also slip and fall on moist or soft exposed soil and suffer from injuries.


Experts in Excavation Use the Appropriate Equipment

Utah Excavation is a professional company that uses the right digging equipment to make the job safer and faster. For instance, we can use trenchers or narrow and long digging tools for making trenches and excavating large gardens or farm lands. These trenchers come in handy for the narrow and long pits required for irrigation pieces or plumbing pipes. The use of trenches is faster and more efficient compared to digging small rows using a cumbersome bobcat.

Backhoes featuring extended arms also make for safer and quicker work for digging pits over wet or soft soil. The equipment with extended arms can just sit at a good distance away from the hole’s edge during digging to reduce the risk of it collapsing under its own weight.

If you are looking for the best Salt Lake City excavation company, look no further than Utah Excavation!