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Are you looking for a West Jordan excavation company? If you are planning to construct a new building on a piece of land, it is important for you to hire only the best excavators at Utah Excavation.

The process of land excavation can be quite cumbersome. This is the reason why you have to ensure that you work only with the most skilled and experienced contractors because the life of your building or structure all depends on this particular process.


You Might Be Surprised with the Soil When You Start to Excavate

Don’t think that the soil that your eyes see is also the same soil you will find underneath. There are some areas where you wouldn’t even have to dig that deep before hitting muddy soil, rocky soil or even sand.

It can be very tricky to try digging through these different types of dirt. For instance, breaking up rocky soil can be difficult and lifting it can also be burdensome. Overly wet or muddy soil might just flow out the bucket attached to the equipment. Sandy and muddy walls can collapse as well while digging that can make the task hard or even impossible to do.

As professional excavators, Utah Excavation is familiar with testing the soil that is going to be dug up in order to understand its composition much better. They also know the correct equipment to bring, how a pit should be braced up, how the soil should be treated to make digging easier and all the rest required ensuring that they won’t have a hard time drilling through the dirt.

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Reduce Risks of Property Damage

Prior to digging on any land, you might be aware of the importance of calling the public utilities and the authorities so they can mark off the places where pipes and lines are buried. But these buried lines are not just the things that can be damaged during excavation projects.

For instance, you might completely forget about the overhead lines as you try to lift the bobcat’s bucket or when you move the bobcat with an already elevated bucket. You might even accidentally swing or turn the bobcat or bucket to something nearby. Even an unintentional bumping of exterior walls with a bobcat or any other similar equipment may cause chips on the outside brick, dents on the aluminum siding, snapped decking posts and more.

Experienced operators of excavation equipment might make it jerk backward or forward as they try to move it. In case dirt is already filling up the bucket, the soil might spill and create an enormous mess and damage the things that the dirt will end up covering.

Our professional excavators know the right way of clearing away obstacles from a dig site and will also take extra care as they turn or move. They will also know the right way of operating the equipment efficiently and smoothly to avoid spilled dirt and similar hazards.

A West Jordan excavation company like Utah Excavation will give you the assurance that these problems above won’t be a concern once your project officially starts.